Longevity and Regenerative Medicine

VALENGERONTOLOGY a/k/a Healthy Aging Medicine is a new discipline in medicine pioneered by Paul H Kim MD to initate a proactive approach to keeping one at optimum health.   It focuses on concepts of longevity and regeneration in a personalized, preventative, precise manner for each individual.

At present, no one can stop aging…..so the term “anti-aging” is one we now try to avoid. However, healthy and graceful aging is achievable. The diseases and dysfunction that occur with aging aren’t inevitable. Take action to prevent chronic health conditions with testing and personalized preventive treatments offered by Paul H. Kim, MD at the Medical Institute of Healthy Aging with locations in Atherton, Napa, and Walnut Creek, California. With an understanding of the fundamental processes that contribute to aging, Dr. Kim offers hormone treatments, intravenous administration of essential nutrients, regenerative therapies based on concentrated plasma, peptides,stem cell technology, and other essential therapies.   With more and more understanding of the metabolism of aging, many more products are being explored. Call the office or use the online tool to make an appointment.

As a regenerative medicine specialist practicing in Walnut Creek, and Napa California, Paul H. Kim, MD uses state-of-the-art therapies to stimulate your body’s own healing mechanisms. At the Medical Institute of Healthy Aging, he uses stem cells and platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and peptide treatments to provide very real solutions to combat signs of degeneration, especially in the joints and along the spine. To find out more about regenerative medicine and how it can change your well-being, contact the office by phone or make an appointment using the online booking agent.

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