Alma TED

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Alma TED

What is Alma TED

Alma TED is a revolutionary, non-invasive treatment for those seeking to improve. When used with our topical TED+ Hair Care Formula, it promotes improved blood flow to the scalp which results in thicker, stronger hair. Our TED+ Hair Care Formula contains essential ingredients that conjunctively support optimal hair and scalp health and follicular strength. Alma TED helps improve the appearance of hair, resulting in thicker, fuller-looking hair with increased shine and strength.

What Should I Expect?

Alma TED is a quick, 20–25-minute treatment. During your consultation, your practitioner will assess your scalp to personalize the best treatment for you. You can expect to see minor results after one treatment, but it is recommended to have at least three treatments one month apart for optimal results.

Who is a Good Candidate for Alma TED?

Alma TED was developed to be used on any individual that is suffering from hair loss or that wants to improve the overall thickness and appearance of hair.

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