IV Therapy

Intravenous or IV therapy delivers fluids, medications, and nutrients directly into the bloodstream through a vein. This therapy approach is essential for patients with medical conditions requiring rapid and efficient absorption or those unable to take oral medications. Conditions benefiting from IV therapy in Walnut Creek, Napa, and Atherton, CA, include dehydration, electrolyte imbalances, severe infections, chemotherapy-induced nausea, and chronic illnesses like Crohn's disease. 

IV therapy in atherton, CA

Dr. Paul Kim and Dr. Neesha Dave at the Medical Institute of Healthy Aging might recommend IV therapy for specific cases. In geriatric medicine - our doctor might suggest it for elderly patients with dehydration due to reduced fluid intake or medical conditions. For integrative medicine, our doctor might propose IV therapy to people with nutrient deficiencies, fatigue, or those seeking wellness optimization. Both doctors recognize IV therapy's potential to swiftly address health issues and improve patients' quality of life. However, they would carefully assess each patient's medical history, needs, and preferences before recommending IV therapy as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. 

IV Therapy: Explained

IV therapy involves the administration of fluids, nutrients, or medications directly into your bloodstream through an intravenous line. Our trained healthcare professional inserts a thin needle into a vein and places a plastic tube (catheter), allowing substances to be delivered swiftly. During IV therapy in Walnut Creek, Napa, and Atherton, CA, you can expect a sense of mild pressure as the needle goes in, followed by a sensation of coolness as the fluids enter your veins. Depending on the purpose, IV therapy can benefit you in various scenarios. After intense physical exertion, receiving an IV drip with electrolytes can swiftly rehydrate your body and restore balance. IV antibiotics can directly combat infections if you suffer from a severe illness. Hangovers can be eased by a rehydrating IV cocktail, revitalizing your energy and reducing discomfort. A personalized IV infusion can provide rapid relief for chronic conditions like migraines. IV therapy bypasses the digestive system, allowing faster absorption and quicker results. However, minor risks like infection or bruising may occur. Overall, IV therapy offers a convenient and effective way to address dehydration, nutrient deficiencies, and various medical situations, promoting quicker recovery and revitalization.

IV Therapy for Healthy Aging

IV therapy promotes healthy aging by delivering essential nutrients directly into your bloodstream, enhancing absorption and effectiveness. Nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants rejuvenate your body's cells, boosting energy levels, improving skin elasticity, and supporting cognitive function. For example, a vitamin C IV can enhance collagen production, reducing wrinkles.

Please explore our website to learn about the conditions we treat and the services provided. Consider IV therapy in Walnut Creek, Napa, and Atherton, CA, for a healthier, vibrant lifestyle. 

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