Kevin S.
Submitted 10/08/21
Dr. Kim has been very attentive and helpful in fine tuning and correcting the natural pitfalls of my aging body and its performance , he has solutions for health and quality of life. Highly recommend! Friendly office staff as well!
Submitted 07/25/20
It is a gift indeed, that Healthy Aging is made possible by a doctor who understands the value of addressing whole health, through a program which offers cutting edge, evidence-based interventions that promote optimal wellness versus waiting for sickness to require the treatment of pathology and symptoms of illness. Thank you Dr. Kim and thank you to each and every member of your office staff at Medical Institute of Healthy Aging, who make my every visit enjoyable as well as informative❣️
Brenda H.
Submitted 01/28/20
Dr Kim listened to what I wanted and with his vast knowledge was able explain everything I needed to to live a long healthy life.
Rebecca C.
Submitted 01/28/20
Dr Kim is a concerned and thoughtful doctor who firmly believes in health and prevention of illness
Nancy D.
Submitted 07/12/19
I love the personal attention that Dr. Kim gives…he spends a lot of time with his patients and is extremely knowledgeable about an immense scope of medical concerns. The medical assistants are very nice and his front desk assistant Katiana is the best!
Mary B.
Submitted 03/07/19
Way back in July 2014, I had already gone to three medical professionals to help with bioidentical hormones. I told myself then, I was only going to try one more time. And my search led me to Dr. Kim. You see, I was tired, depressed, gained twenty-five pounds, and post-menopausal…you know the sad picture…old lady ready for the rocking chair. But when I first visited Dr. Kim, he put me through his Executive Program, testing my hormones, my blood, everything to get to the cause. After four and a half years, on bioidentical hormones and changing lifestyle habits, plus supplements to help with my working nights and a long commute, I look forward to challenging situations, my marriage is so much better, not so stressed at work. One of the most important things is that I am finally sleeping. Before, I would get up any where from two to six times a night. Now, most of the time, I may only get up once or twice. And the quality of of deep, deep sleep is awesome. Katiana is the very best. She is kind, funny, and compassionate. She makes me want to be a better person everyday. Roxanna, at the Napa office, is awesome, too. I am totally grateful for Dr. Kim and his commitment to help people live vibrant, healthy, and exciting lives!
Maura C.
Submitted 03/05/19
The staff is friendly, professional and kind. Dr Kim always has time to listen. He is familiar with your history and always has researched what can help you.

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