Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone Therapy in Walnut Creek, Napa, & Atherton, CA

As men age, it’s common that testosterone levels will begin to decline and can cause changes in their bodies that aren’t always welcome. Low testosterone levels may also occur from certain issues that may initially go unnoticed. You might find that you have a reduced sexual desire, you have physical changes like reduced muscle bulk and increased body fat, and there’s a decrease in your self-confidence and overall happiness. If you’re dealing with an abnormally low testosterone level, your doctor might recommend trying testosterone therapy to deal with your symptoms.

Testosterone Therapy

There are different methods of testosterone therapy that you may want to consider. These could be:

  • Skin patch
  • Gels
  • Mouth patch
  • Injections and implants

When going through testosterone therapy, each person reacts differently and will have different results. Often, most men show improvements in energy levels, sex drive, and overall mood.

Dealing with low testosterone levels can be difficult, but it’s important to know that there may be options available for you. If you’re worried about low testosterone levels and you deal with some of the common symptoms, it’s important to talk to your doctor about testosterone therapy to see if you’re a candidate for this option.

Normally, men with abnormally low testosterone levels are the best candidates and it can help with a majority of the symptoms and issues that you may be dealing with. If you have low testosterone without symptoms, you may not be a candidate.

Find out if testosterone therapy is an option for you! It’s important to discuss all of the benefits and risks associated with this therapy to see if it may be worth a shot.  Contact Medical Institute of Healthy Aging today to schedule an appointment! You can reach us in our Walnut Creek office at (925) 979-0979, our Napa office at (707) 266-2277, or our Atherton office at (650) 779-7201

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