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Regenerative Medicine

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As a regenerative medicine specialist practicing in Walnut Creek, Napa, and San Francisco, California, Paul H. Kim, MD uses state-of-the-art therapies to stimulate your body’s own healing mechanisms. At the Medical Institute of Healthy Aging, he uses stem cells and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments, as well as age-filtered plasma treatments, to provide very real solutions to combat signs of aging and the conditions that come along with it. To find out more about regenerative medicine and how it can change your well-being, contact the office by phone or make an appointment using the online booking agent.

Regenerative Medicine

What is regenerative medicine?

Regenerative medicine is a revolutionary approach to restoring function to the ailing body, thereby improving pain syndromes and the chances of fighting off chronic disease. Present-day high-end regenerative medicine products include stem cell therapies and age-filtered plasma blood plasma.  As opposed to the surgery involved in many standard replacement procedures, stem cell technology and age-filtered plasma blood plasma are minimally invasive and help jump-start your body’s own natural healing processes.

Issues such as arthritis, tendon injuries, and joint degeneration are the more recent common applications of regenerative medicines.    However, these newer modalities in medicine are now being recognized as a possible intervention in such chronic disease states such as Diabetes and Dementia.   Controversial in that it goes against conventional therapies such as pharmaceutical products, Regenerative medicine holds promise in delaying the ailments of aging.

How can regenerative medicine treat the effects of aging?

Dr. Kim uses stem cell technology and age-filtered plasma blood plasma treatments to create an environment of healing and restoring that are most likely lost or diminished with aging.   These products may then act as a precursor to further mature cell types like cartilage or tendon or act as a “scaffold” to revive tissues that have been dormant in the body,  thus fighting the negative changes in your body that accompany aging.

Umbilical cells are collected from umbilical cords and placentas, but does no harm to baby or mother. These tissues contain unique multipotent and, possibly, pluripotent, mesenchymal stem cells.   These cells are responsible for maintaining healthy supportive tissue production throughout your life, so they’re incredibly versatile and reparative. They increase the overall quality of your tissue in terms of robustness and also may boost or balance your immune system when infused into your system.

Men and women get a boost of youthful energy from age-filtered plasma blood plasma treatments, which are transfusions of plasma from teenagers and age-filtered plasma adults. Research in animals shows that an infusion of this age-filtered plasma blood plasma has positive effects on the brain and can slow cognitive decline. Do you want to delay dementia and possibly reduce the chance that you’ll develop Alzheimer’s disease? Make an appointment for your age-filtered plasma blood plasma transfusions at the Medical Institute of Healthy Aging or talk with Dr. Kim about your other regenerative medicine options.

What is platelet-rich plasma therapy?

Platelets, along with red and white blood cells and plasma, are components of your blood.
Contained in these platelets are growth hormones and cytokines that promote cellular rejuvenation and growth. To create platelet-rich plasma(PRP), Dr. Kim collects your blood in specialized tubes and spins it in a unique centrifuge to concentrate the platelet count. This PRP is then injected back into areas that need healing, such as the knees, hips, or other joints.

How are stem cells used in regenerative medicine?

Stem cells have healing value because they may be able to become many different types of cells as they differentiate with the right signaling. Stem cells may also serve as an initial repair system in many tissues and may move toward particular tissues, if needed.

Dr. Kim injects stem cells into areas that need rejuvenation and healing, such as an aching knee joint and also may inject intravenously. The stem cells help healthy tissue regenerate, without the invasiveness of surgery and joint replacement.

To learn how you can benefit from regenerative medicine therapies, call the office or book an appointment online.