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If you’re among the two-thirds of the population who are overweight or obese and traditional weight-loss programs have failed you, consult Paul H. Kim, MD of the Medical Institute of Healthy Aging for help. He offers detoxification programs and supplementation with antioxidants to help jumpstart your weight loss so you feel fresher and achieve faster, more effective weight loss than you can on your own. Call one of the locations in Napa, San Francisco, and Walnut Creek, California to learn how you can overcome the factors keeping you from losing weight, or book online.


Why should I consider a detoxification program?

A detoxification program can help clear your body and mind of heavy metals, chemicals, and other compounds interfering with optimal function. With detox, you can overcome issues such as:

  • Unexplained weight gain
  • Bloating after eating
  • Intermittent constipation
  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Aching joints
  • Fatigue

These symptoms are often a sign that you have a high toxic load. Dr. Kim offers strategies to help reduce this load and eliminate the toxins from your body.

What are the benefits of a medical detoxification and elimination program?

Medical detoxification and elimination as provided by Dr. Kim may help you drop weight because it gets rid of the toxic load causing your body to hold onto those pounds. Plus,  detoxifying your system can boost your energy, clear up brain fog, and help you feel lighter overall. The program is customized to you, so it’s not just a generic one-size-fits-all plan. Dr. Kim takes into account your personal health, genetic, and family history when creating your program.

What is involved in a medical detoxification and elimination program?

At the Medical Institute of Healthy Aging, Dr. Kim combines nutrition counseling, heavy metal testing, IV supplementation, and other therapies to help you drop pounds, increase energy levels, and improve quality of life. He offers hormone therapies when necessary, too. Sometimes, hormone imbalances can contribute to unexplained weight gain and make weight loss with conventional means almost impossible.

How do antioxidants help with detoxification?

Dr. Kim offers specific antioxidant therapy to stimulate enzymatic production, improve gastric mobility, enhance liver function, and restore your overall gut health. Antioxidants offered include glutathione, which improves your liver’s ability to detoxify your system.

Dr. Kim also offers a palladium/alpha lipoic acid supplement that acts as a free radical scavenger to protect you against DNA damage. It may also act as a pro-oxidant to help with mitochondrial function.  This therapy may help deter cancer and improve overall cell quality.

How does heavy metal testing help with detoxification?

A heavy metal blood test administered by Dr. Kim measures the levels of potentially harmful metals in your blood. These metals, such as arsenic and lead, can get into your body when you breathe in pollution, eat certain foods, or use tainted products or chemicals. If you have too many metals in your system, you may experience organ dysfunction and mental fog.

If you need treatment for heavy metals, Dr. Kim can offer activated charcoal and bentonite clay. The charcoal and clay absorb poisons from the body, including the heavy metals. The clay also releases minerals for your body to use for healing and to promote optimal energy.

To learn how you can lose weight successfully, boost your health, and enhance your quality of life, call one of the Medical Institute of Healthy Aging offices or book an appointment online.