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Medical Institute of Healthy Aging

Healthy Aging Medicine Clinic & Alternative Medicine located in Walnut Creek, CA & Napa, CA

At present, no one can stop aging…..so the term “anti-aging” is one we now try to avoid. However, healthy and graceful aging is achievable. The diseases and dysfunction that occur with aging aren’t inevitable. Take action to prevent chronic health conditions with testing and personalized preventive treatments offered by Paul H. Kim, MD at the Medical Institute of Healthy Aging with locations in San Francisco, Napa, and Walnut Creek, California. With an understanding of the fundamental processes that contribute to aging, Dr. Kim offers hormone treatments, intravenous administration of essential nutrients, regenerative therapies like age-filtered plasma and stem cell technology, and other essential therapies to address the changes in the metabolic processes that may lead to chronic disease, thereby stop it from happening or possibly even reverse it! Call the office or use the online tool to make an appointment.

Anti-Aging/Healthy Aging

How does Dr. Kim go beyond conventional medicine to help with healthy aging?

Conventional medicine is mostly based on disease treatment. Simply put, “wait until you are broken, and then try to fix you” is the modus operandi of our current healthcare system. The Medical Institute of Healthy Aging(MIHA) is different. MIHA looks at traditional testing such as a complete blood count and standard blood chemistries offered by conventional medicine, but goes beyond that basic testing. For example, through saliva, urine, and blood testing, MIHA can evaluate:

  • Genetic Variations
  • Hormone function
  • Aberrant Growth
  • Mineral, vitamin, and antioxidant levels
  • Metabolic dysfunction
  • Inflammation
  • Gut Microbiome
  • Toxicity

Furthermore, MIHA evaluates physiological measurements such as body composition to determine your ratio of lean to fat tissue, Pulmonary and Cardiovascular function to determine how these are “aging”, and Neurometric measurements to see how the brain is functioning.

These tests provide important information that help start implementing a plan to maximize your potential, to ward off serious illness and chronic conditions, and to enhance the quality and quantity of your years -- almost, in a sense, ”slowing” the aging process.

What is the science of valengerontology?

Valengerontology derives from the Latin word, “valens,” meaning strong, powerful, healthy, and gerontology, which is the study of the process of aging. Therefore, Valengerontology is the study of Healthy Aging Medicine.   A Valengerontologist is a physician who specializes in valengerontology.

Valengerontology focuses on the fundamental forces that influence aging. These include:

  • Genetics -- eg. SNP analysis
  • Nutritional Flow -- eg. Gut Microbiome, Oxygen delivery
  • Signaling -- eg. hormones, cytokines, neurotransmitters
  • Elimination -- eg. detoxification pathways, immunology

When broken down these forces interplay to create the organism that you are presently.  So as opposed to the organocentric driven system of our present healthcare system, Valengerontology strives to understand on a more fundamental level those factors contributing to your aging process and, possibly, your predilection for certain chronic disease states.   

What are telomeres and what do they have to do with anti-aging?

Telomeres are found at the end of all chromosomes. A correlation between short telomeres and accelerated biological aging may exist.  Therapies to fight this telomere shortening and, possibly, lengthen it are available. Shortening of telomeres occurs during normal cell division, but is accelerated in certain states such as stress, smoking, drinking, and obesity.

Dr. Kim and staff at MIHA can help you with lifestyle strategies and regenerative medicine therapies to fight telomere shortening and thus potentially extend your longevity. Call to make an appointment at the Medical Institute of Healthy Aging or book online today.

What role do hormones play in anti-aging?

Sex hormones, such as testosterone and estrogen, drive many of your bodily functions. So do growth and thyroid hormones. As you get older, your production of hormones naturally slows and as a result, you experience symptoms including:

  • Poor energy
  • Weight gain
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Cognitive decline

Dr. Kim can evaluate your hormone levels to determine if declining hormones are responsible for your lack of youthful vitality. He offers customized hormone therapies to boost your hormone levels so you feel more like yourself.

How can nutritional changes contribute to anti-aging?

Eating the right balance of nutrients as well as the correct number of calories supports your body’s optimal function. If you’re overweight or obese you accelerate the shortening of telomeres and the onset of chronic disease. Dr. Kim runs metabolic tests, body composition analysis, and nutritional evaluations to determine if you’re getting all the nutrients you need to support a healthy body.

Dr. Kim can help you promote healthy aging with personalized, targeted therapies. Call the office or book online to learn how.