"The first step to aging well is knowing how well you're aging"


What is Your PhysioAge?

Your PhysioAge is the aggregate age of your major organ systems. It's how old you are based on your body and not just your birthday.

How well are you aging?

  • Find out how fast you are aging
  • Identify your precursors to disease
  • Recognize your weakest body system
  • Receive a comprehensive, individualized health profile


PhysioAge is the first physical exam that measures how your body's aging.

Why should I take the PhysioAge Systems test?

To find out how well you are aging 

Because you want to know how well each of your important body systems is aging, so you can identify your weakest link and do something about it before you develop a disease. Recognizing your body's unique strengths and weaknesses can help you achieve improved quality of life and sustained health. PhysioAge Systems provides a unique health profile that is tailored for you to identify your current and future health status.

As an example, you may be 60 years old but have the arteries of a 75-year-old. Your doctor might want to address this risk by treating your cardiovascular system now, rather than waiting until you develop heart disease.

How does PhysioAge measure my health and aging?

Using sophisticated Biomarkers of Aging

We will perform several painless, noninvasive tests on you and may draw some blood. You will also take a 15-minute computerized brain function test, either at home or in our office. The results of these tests are submitted to a web-based reporting platform, which automatically generates a comprehensive report listing your physiological ages as well as easy-to-understand descriptions of up to 160 individual results. You will have access to your results via a secure and private online portal for future reference.

The PhysioAge® Composite index

Explains 80% of the differences in the aging process 

Working with our Stanford University biomathematician, we analyzed relationships among various biomarkers to develop the formulas used to calculate the physiological ages of six important organ systems. Then we developed the PhysioAge Composite, a weighted composite index of these six underlying ages. The PhysioAge® Composite is able to explain 80% of the difference amongst individuals in the aging process. No other system comes close to this benchmark in measuring the physiological age of important organ systems.

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